Best Energy Saving Projects Website Review & Ratings + Best Energy Saving Projects Coupons
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Best Energy Saving Projects Website Review & Ratings + Best Energy Saving Projects Coupons

Best Energy Saving Projects: Products & Services

Best Energy is a company which helps clients to find the best fit alternative energy supplier in their market. The company is in compliance with electricity deregulation measures and authenticates one how to have the power to choose their energy suppliers. The company narrows down credible energy suppliers for clients who then have a simple task of only selecting the best energy supplier and working with them from their official website.

Best Energy Saving Projects: Company Background

The company was founded by an NGO partnership of various energy companies and was founded in 2002 and provides a new service which allows the new supplier you elect to receive one bill. Over the years they have increased their margins and services have been upgraded since now your utility will still be the issuer, and they will consolidate the supply charge with the utility delivery charges. The company has been in existence for over ten years now and boasts of growth within the period.  It has its headquarters in the USA where most of its clients are located.

Best Energy Saving Projects: Customer Feedback & Reviews

In terms of feedback, one distinctive feature of Best Energy which has attracted a lot of positive feedback from satisfied clients is the versatile Alternative Supplier Switch which allows clients to have an alternative supplier and in most cases, your new supplier will allow you to elect to receive one bill. Your utility will still be the issuer, and they will consolidate the supply charge with the utility delivery charges. Reviews from Energy Informer termed this approach to upgrading their supplier flexibility for more energy options as “Positive and edgy and one to emulate”. The service was even featured on Energy Consumption list where many users especially in the USA praised its acclaim as “very satisfactory and extremely useful” The company has had very positive comments and appraisal which motivate the engineers to make it even much more better.

Best Energy Saving Projects: Business Credibility & Trustworthiness

Best Energy is a trusted provider of alternative energy sources and their goal is to help companies take advantage of competitive markets by making energy suppliers compete for clients’ businesses. This has made it quite reputable and with no doubt offers services with optimal value and performance. The company is not  BBB (Better Business Bureau) accredited, but this has not hindered them from serving  a wide clientele base and enhancing their popularity in the alternative energy community and also in social media their impact has been greatly felt.

Best Energy Saving Projects: Website Popularity & Google Ranking

In the aspect of web popularity, Best Energy is not currently very popular because most of its services and communication is via their main website. Best Energy’s traffic statistics on Alexa, results show that in the past month, it is ranked as #234,454 globally and the company was given a 3 out of ten rank from Google PageRank  which is considerably a high ranking considering the fact that it has not been in existence for long and operates only in the USA.

Best Energy Saving Projects: Social Media Presence

Best Energy has also not been very keen in social media popularity is still working on getting more popular on social media. Their Facebook Page has only 8 likes with 0 talking about it. The Twitter page is also not quite expanded as they have less than 20 followers. Their social media presence is not so focused but they are in the process of coming up with more tactical ways of growing their social media popularity.

Best Energy Saving Projects: Website Security & Safety

After conducting a Google diagnostic test on their official website, the results show that the website is not listed as suspicious nor has it exhibited malicious activity within the past 90 days. It is said to be safe for browsing. A similar test on McAfee Site Advisor was conducted, and the results also showed that no significant problems were found on the website. When request for a service or information on the website, their name, email address, mailing address and phone number are required. The information is used to complete the transaction and help Best Energy provide better support and services to clients. Only the secured site collects client’s credit card information hence it is (https ://) secured.

Best Energy Saving Projects: Pricing & Packages

When it comes to pricing, Best Energy is quite flexible and pocket friendly on most of their services. A good example is the Go Green   service which integrates the functionality of green and eco-friendly alternative forms of energy and goes for only $90. Another service which is very cheap is their Energy Consultation  service which is ideal for clients who require professional advice and help from skilled and experienced energy consultants for only $50. The pricing is extremely cheap compared to similar energy companies which supply clients with the same services at a more expensive price on utility.

Best Energy Saving Projects: Shipping Rates & Policies

Best Energy does not offer shipping services for its services as they are offered to clients within the USA and are intangible in nature and form. This is a more handy approach in terms of efficiency and delivery since more clients require the services immediately and their utility will still be the issuer, and they will consolidate the supply charge with the utility delivery charges.

Best Energy Saving Projects: Payment Methods Accepted

When requesting for a service such as consultancy directly from Best Energy, they offer a variety of payment methods. One has the options of choosing between MoneyGram, Credit card, Master or Visa or PayPal as your payment method. Billing security is assured since they are verified by Global Sign and SSL. It is hence secure to make transactions from Best Energy as their authenticity is assured.

Best Energy Saving Projects: Returns, Refunds & Exchange Policy

The company does not have a return policy on services offered in that they are only viable for client’s energy discrepancies with the suppliers in case a defect is detected on their system. They have a disclaimer against acquiring services from a third party and not getting the service directly from their website but from an external source as these are prone to errors and corruption and any further technical questions can be referred from their FAQ page.

Best Energy Saving Projects: Product images & screenshots
Best Energy Saving Projects Coupons
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